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DeVito: Douglas gave me babe help

Danny DeVito has laughed that "countless" women came through the doors of the home he shared with Michael Douglas.

The Hollywood stars met in 1966 and developed a close friendship, even living together at one point. Danny has fond memories of having Michael as a roommate, joking he used to ask his pal to help him get the ladies.

"Oh, God, countless," he replied, when Shortlist magazine asked how many women came through the property's doors. "We had a chain that we stuck on the door when anyone had a girl in there. We’d just go for a walk and come back in three hours. Or if you smelled ‘cooking’, well more like herbs, then you knew you were in for a treat. He was the bigger lothario. He was a babe magnet. I was like, 'Bring two or three home, for crying out loud! Leave one of them on the sofa for when you go.'"

Danny was born in New Jersey and enjoys thinking about the relaxed childhood he had there. The 68-year-old star spent a great deal of time hanging out with his friends and wants people to know the area isn't all like the portrayal seen in MTV series Jersey Shore, where groups of young people are seen hooking up and drinking too much.

"I was the kind of kid who relied on his friends. And in the town we came from, there was a lot of sh*t going on," he explained. "You know, a little Jersey Shore town. But it’s not like that show. I watched it once, and that was enough. I couldn’t take it. I’ve never met anybody like that."

Eventually his friends went their separate ways, with some of them spending time in prison. It's not something Danny likes to focus on, as he thinks people at that time were a lot more naïve than nowadays.

"They [my friends] became more and more hoodlum-y. But it was a different time, the '50s and '60s. In the days I was on the corner, when I was 17, you’d just drive around all day and gas-guzzle, looking for girls," he recalled. "Put them in the car, take ’em for a drive, get them a hamburger. It was fun, but it wasn’t vulgar."

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