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Dewan-Tatum: I won’t force daughter to be vegan

Jenna Dewan-Tatum will encourage her little girl to eat healthily.

The Witches of East End actress is mother to one-year-old daughter Everly. Jenna is a very healthy vegan while her husband and fellow actor Channing is an all out meat eater. But when it comes to what path Everly will follow when she’s older, the 33-year-old will let her make her own decision.

“I don’t believe in forcing anyone into anything, but I’ll do my best to introduce her to healthy eating habits,” Jenna told Natural Health magazine.

But until Everly can voice her own opinion, the Step Up star is focusing on making eating and cooking a fun experience. Growing her own produce at home is a big help in getting Everly interested in good nutrition from a young age.

“We have a little garden so I’ll say, ‘Let’s go pick the vegetables we’re going to eat tonight,’” she revealed. “My pediatrician believes it’s completely healthy and possible to have a vegan child and I think that’s amazing. But when Everly gets older, I think we should allow her to be her own person.”

Jenna returned to work soon after having Everly and while she enjoys her job, she hates having to be away from her daughter. In fact, the brunette was surprised at how hard she would find the balancing act of being a working mum.

“I expected the emotional bond, but there’s a physical connection, too — if I’m away from her for too long, my body literally feels it,” she explained. “Or if she’s not well, I take it on. The fact that I channel all my energy into caring for someone 24/7 and still have time to do other things shocks me!”

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