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Diane Keaton: Living rooms are useless

Diane Keaton thinks "huge living rooms" are "useless" when it comes to throwing the ultimate party.

The actress has partnered with home decor retailer One Kings Lane for an exclusive sale of unique items she's collected over the years.

Diane - who has also co-written a Spanish architecture book - has a strong interest in home renovation and has revealed what she believes to be the most important area of a house.

"It's always been the kitchen. The kitchen is no longer a kitchen; it's morphed into a gathering area. There's usually a television and a couch and you eat there. It's just the way we live now," she said. "Even when you go to parties at someone's home, people are always in the kitchen. And that huge living room? Useless!"

Diane has revealed why she decided to part with items from her personal collection. The 66-year-old star has become a little overzealous with her spending.

"I've been obsessed with Spanish architecture in California. I've redone and restored about five Spanish homes. I also collected a lot of Spanish pottery, Monterey furniture, and tile pieces. There are some fabulous things in the collection," she explained in an interview with Parade.

"I went a little bit overboard, and it was time to reduce all the collectibles that I had. I thought, 'Hey, why not? This could be fun!'"

Diane was born in California and the laidback lifestyle there has always stayed with her. The Hollywood star prefers character when it comes to architecture.

"I'm from California, and when I was a little girl, my parents were big campers. We were the kind of people who got in the station wagon and my dad would pitch a tent and we went all over California," she shared.

"So I grew up surrounded by the Southern California architecture, and it left an indelible impression of the magic of the past and the beauty of Spanish architecture."

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