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Diane Keaton: Men don't ground me

Diane Keaton has never relied on a romantic relationship for "a home".

The 66-year-old actress, who famously dated director Woody Allen in the '70s, has never really felt the need to settle down with a man. She can't see romance in her future.

"I never found a home in the arms of a man," she said in the April/May issue of AARP The Magazine.

"I think it was just my whole life. How I responded first to boys and then to men. It had nothing to do with reality."

The Father of the Bride actress has dated a string of stars including Warren Beatty and Al Pacino but never found someone serious. The single mother-of-two insists she's happy on her own.

"Relationships are hard. You're lucky if you find someone," she said.

"[Romance] is not something I can visualise right now. The best relationships develop out of friendships. That's the shame. At this stage I don't correlate any of the friendships I have with sex, and honestly, once you bring sex into a friendship - Ooh! Whew! Oh! - that's a slippery slope into disaster."

It's not the first time Diana has spoken out on her love life. In 2011 she publicly declared she had given up on pursuing romance saying the "old maid myth" is garbage.

Today she's still happy being a single parent to daughter Dexter, 16, and son Duke, 11. She adopted Dexter when she was 50 and admits she worries about being an older parent.

"When I think about my kids in their 20s and 30s, and me in my 70s and 80s, I worry about that, definitely," she said.

"I want to be there for them. I want my body and mind to stay strong, and to share all these life lessons. But I also know they need to have the freedom and independence to learn on their own."

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