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Diane Kruger: Germans aren't rude!

Diane Kruger thinks people don't understand the way German people approach language, which is why they can be viewed as rude.

The 39-year-old actress was born in the country but has since made homes in France and America. Although she feels more French than anything, Diane will never forget her heritage. In fact, her roots were invaluable when she was cast as tough detective Sonya Cross in TV show The Bridge.

"As a German, I'm very familiar with that kind of way of behaving because Germans tend to be very direct when we speak and many people think that Germans are rude or brusque. But that's a misperception in many ways because our language is constructed that way and it doesn't lend itself to the more roundabout or subtle phrasing that you have in French or English. I put all that German brusqueness to use as Sonya," she told British magazine Hello!

Much as the blonde star was thrilled to the win the role, she knew it would be a challenge. Apart from anything, she realised people would judge the character in a much harsher way than they would have done if she'd been a man.

"Look at Jon Hamm's character on Mad Men - Don Draper is one of the most despicable characters you could ever find and yet because Jon Hamm is very handsome and charismatic, every woman thinks, 'Oh, he's so wonderful.' But if a woman played that kind of character, she would come in for a lot of resentment amongst audiences," she explained.

Diane is used to being around strong women though and wouldn't have it any other way. She lists her grandmother as one of her biggest sources of inspiration, as she's been through so much but keeps pushing forward.

"My grandmother Elizabeth - she's 92, lived through the Second World War, raised my mother and two other daughters and she still looks after her own house and is a very elegant and strong woman. She's a warrior and I have so much admiration for her," she said.

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