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Diane Kruger intrigued by complexity

Diane Kruger is drawn to playing characters with many different layers.

The actress is currently starring as Detective Sonya Cross in US TV crime series The Bridge.

Diane's character has Asperger's syndrome, which makes her awkward in social situations, sometimes difficult to work with and interesting to observe.

The German star signed up for the role because of the multilayered aspect of her character.

"I wouldn't have signed on to the show if she were a regular hard-ass cop," Diane told the latest edition of DuJour magazine. "I'm fascinated by women who appear to be one thing and then really are not. It's a continuous challenge to make her real, to portray someone who has the condition but who is exceptionally good at what she does."

Diane was also drawn to the part as it challenges the notion of what a popular TV character should be. She's now warmed to the entire genre of drama series as a result.

"I love that people will invest time into [TV] shows and you don't have to be this likeable character from the get-go," Diane explained."What is interesting to me is showing a complete picture of a very humane person."

Diane is involved in a relationship with Canadian actor Joshua Jackson. The fun she had while making The Bridge with her co-star Demián Bichir sparked a reaction from Joshua.

"He was actually very jealous. He was on a network sitcom, so his days were crazy long. A regular day would be 14 or 15 hours of shooting. Now, I've been home for dinner pretty much every night since we started the show, so he's just a tad envious," she added.

"Demián and I have become very close; he's one of the major reasons I wanted to be part of this. We have a fun time on set together and in our personal lives. Our significant others are both Canadian, so we spend a lot of private time together."

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