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Diaz: 21 was horrible!

Cameron Diaz talks about being comfortable in her own skin.

The actress and former model catapulted to stardom in 1994 with the release of hit comedy The Mask.

But Cameron doesn’t miss her days of being one of Hollywood's young sex symbols, because she feels so much more confident in her skin today.

"I love being in my 40s," she told E! News at the LA premiere of her new comedy The Other Woman.

"You know yourself and you don't give a s**t anymore. You really don't care what other people think. You let go of that things that don't matter… It's a liberation. It's fantastic."

Cameron isn’t one to look back. While Hollywood is youth-obsessed, she feels life only gets better with age.

"Who wants to be 21 again? That was horrible! It was horrible! It was not the best years of my life. The best years of my life are right now,” she said.

The star is now focused on taking care of her health rather than being the hottest thing on a red carpet.

While she’s still stunning, Cameron insists it’s inner beauty that really matters.

"We concentrate too much on what's happening on the outside. If you take care of what's going on in the inside, then you should have no problems,” she explained.

Cameron also recently released The Body Book, designed to help women learn how to look after their bodies. She recently told the US edition of OK! magazine she’s surprised by her newfound status as a published author.

“I had no idea I would write a book. I had no idea I would be making movies for 20 years. I had no idea I would be doing any of this stuff that I am doing right now in my life. I don’t ask for it, it just comes to me, so I’m happy,” she said.

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