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Diaz talks smelly sex scenes

Cameron Diaz used to like it when she and Jason Segel had both eaten something smelly before their sex scenes as it meant they were even.

The two stars appear alongside each other in Sex Tape, a comedy about a married couple who find the raunchy scenes they have recorded are missing. Cameron and Jason had to shoot many risqué sequences for the release, so had some ground rules to ensure everything went well.

"If there was any time either of us ate something offensive or we even thought would be offensive, like fish, you had to call it out," Cameron laughed to Chicago Sun-Times. "I’d say, 'Jason, I ate some fish that maybe didn’t taste right. You might smell it. It’s not me.' Then I’d hear, 'Oh no, but I had onion rings for lunch.' Then I would think, 'We’re even.'”

The pair have both said they wanted the sex in the film to look awkward rather than romantic and went to great lengths to achieve that. It meant they often discovered injuries on their bodies, with a hint of rivalry also creeping in.

"It really was physical, so there were bumps and bruises, but we just really went for it. Jason and I have a mutual admiration society going. Plus, we’re both competitive by nature," Cameron explained. "No one wanted to be outdone. When we did the sex scenes, it was like we were playing comedy chicken. You do know the game chicken, right? We tried to top each other."

While some actresses would probably balk at having to be nude on screen, the 41-year-old star wasn't too concerned about it. She is known for being body confident although there are some things she would change about her figure if she could.

"God, I wish I could say my butt was big. That is my dream," she admitted.

"I try to keep my equation with my body more good than bad. So I will have something not so good for you, but then I know I have to get back on my healthy eating path."

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