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DiCaprio 'won an award for pop-locking'

Leonardo DiCaprio has discussed his dance moves in The Wolf of Wall Street.

The 39-year-old actor bodypops in a scene in his latest film The Wolf of Wall Street.

And Leonardo, who won a Golden Globe Award for his performance on January 12, drew on his past dance experience for the scene.

"Before I was an actor I was a kind of street break dancer on my block," he told British magazine Shortlist.

"I actually won an award in Germany once for pop-locking," he added with a laugh.

But now he is one of Hollywood's finest actors Leonardo hardly shows off his moves any more, even after a couple of drinks.

So he was relieved that when it came to shooting the dance scenes, his body was still able to deliver.

"[I] very rarely [dance]. I was quite excited that I wasn't too arthritic and could still pull some of it off," he told the publication.

Leonardo plays the lead in Martin Scorsese's movie which is based on the true story of wealthy stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

The Titanic star also discussed the film's sex scenes with the magazine.

And as with the dancing, Leo tackled the risqué sequences without embarrassment.

"I approached this like I was a Roman emperor and I had no shame," he recalled.

"There was a lot of sexual debauchery, which was totally obscene and bizarre."

As well as the risqué portions of the film Leonardo revealed there were lots of comedic moments too.

One scene in particular was equally funny and surreal for the actor, which was "a challenge."

"The Quaalude sequence [Belfort crawls to his Ferrari after taking potent sedatives] goes down, certainly in my career, as the most surreal experience I've ever had," Leonardo said.

"We kept upping the ante and it became this science-fiction film - an earthworm crawling towards a futuristic vehicle."

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