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DiCaprio’s stepbrother ‘not missing’

Leonardo DiCaprio’s stepbrother was reportedly never untraceable.

Reports emerged Tuesday The Great Gatsby star’s actor sibling Adam Farrar has been missing for about a month after spending three weeks in jail for theft and probation violation.

But sources now claim Adam was never untraceable.

“He is not missing. Not at all. That is weird,” a family friend told Radar Online.

According to British newspaper The Sun, Leonardo and his loved ones were “worried” sick over Adam’s alleged absence.

Again this has been dismissed as hearsay, as Leonardo is rumoured to have cut ties with Adam altogether.

“Adam and Leonardo have had zero contact in recent years and do not get along,” the source detailed.

“It’s a very bitter family feud.”

Adam’s mother Peggy married Leonardo’s father George Paul DiCaprio in 1995, 20 years after George divorced Leonardo’s mom Irmelin.

Adam, 42, appeared in TV series Galactica 1980, which is thought to have fuelled Leonardo's interest in acting.

But Adam’s criminality has reportedly caused a rift between him and Leonardo.

“They were brothers and best friends rolled into one. Adam was Leo’s hero too and very influential in his early years," a friend told UK publication The Sun.

“Then, when Leo became so famous, Adam took it upon himself to be the protective older brother and would always have his back when they were out in Hollywood clubs.

“But in recent years it has become hard for Leo to maintain their relationship. Adam has been in and out of prison and has gone on another path in life that makes it tough for Leo to remain at his side.

“Now Leo just hopes he can sort himself out.”

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