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Dina Lohan: 'We had no idea about half sister'

Lindsay Lohan "had no idea" about her half sister, her mother has confirmed.

Michael Lohan had an affair 17 years ago while he was married to Dina Lohan which resulted in the birth of Ashley Horn.

A paternity test conducted on The Trisha Goddard Show this week proved after years of speculation he is in fact Ashley's father.

Lindsay was asked about her newly discovered sibling during an appearance on breakfast programme Good Morning America on Friday and claimed she had not yet heard the news.

Reports suggested the actress was lying to save face and was secretly mortified by the scandal.

However, Dina Lohan asserts the family was clueless about Ashley until DNA tests confirmed Michael's paternity this week.

"Years went by and we had no idea," she told US television show Entertainment Tonight.

Dina revealed she has been in touch with Ashley's mother, Kristi Horn.

And while reports suggest Lindsay wants nothing to do with the teenager, Dina says she harbours no ill-will to the girl.

"The woman actually called me - the mother of the child - crying and apologised to me," Dina said, adding, "It was so long ago that... I mean, it's not the child's fault obviously, she's just a product of that (relationship)."

Dina and Michael Lohan divorced in 2007 after 22 years of marriage. They share three children in addition to Lindsay.

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