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Disclosure: Lamar’s incredible

Disclosure would really like to work with rapper Kendrick Lamar.

The British electronic duo, made up of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, have just been named Artists to Watch by MTV.

Having achieved international recognition, the siblings are now eager to musically collaborate with talented Kendrick.

“Kendrick Lamar is so incredible. But also, the album that he just put out is so musical. I hear so much Outkast and Andre when I hear Kendrick. The speed of his rapping and how it's all in harmony, it's not just talking,” Howard told MTV News.

“He'll rap so fast but it'll be like a chord. It's got that attention to detail that's kind of lacking in, not just in hip-hop, just in a lot of music nowadays.”

Disclosure are currently on tour with rapper Vic Mensa.

Howard, 19, and Guy, 22, are keen to work with other hip-hop musicians like A$AP Rocky, Joey Badass and Bishop Nehru in the future.

"There's so much great hip-hop from the moment, especially coming from the states. This is the most excited we've been about hip-hop,” added Guy.

Their debut album Settle was released earlier this year, and has received worldwide commercial success, including hitting number one in the UK music charts.

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