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Disclosure: We don’t care about money

Disclosure are excited about their forthcoming second album and US tour.

The British electronic duo, brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, are gearing up to release their second album, Caracal. The siblings are also set to embark on their biggest ever tour of America and have worked hard to ensure their fans get the best show possible.

“We didn't get into this for the money," Guy told Rolling Stone magazine. "We’re not trying to scam people by just turning up and pressing play and then all these pyros go off that the venue paid for. I think that’s total bullshit. Everything you see on stage is ours — we own it. Hopefully it will pay off."

The pair have gone all out for the tour, overseeing an ambitious new stage design. Each song in the set list will get its own visual treatment, while video screens will move around the venue accordingly.

“We've completely rearranged and reinvented everything. It's a really forward-thinking show. I've never seen anything like it,” Guy continued, before Howard added, “I like the idea that if someone tweets a picture at the start of the show, and someone else takes a picture at the end, they'll think it was a different show."

One of their stops on their North American tour is Madison Square Garden in New York. The brothers are particularly excited about playing the famous venue, having grown up watching many of their idols performing there on TV.

“My dad gave me a VHS of Led Zeppelin playing there when I was about three, and I used to play drums along to it," Guy recalled. "So that's definitely going to be the most special for me."

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