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Dita Von Teese: I'll strip when I'm 70

Dita Von Teese may continue burlesque dancing until she is 70.

The 39-year-old star has no plans to retire from striptease any time soon. She still feels passionate about her performances and is planning new shows.

"I have some top-secret amazing new ideas for the evolution of my show," she told the Advocate.

"Just wait and see: If I want it, I can be onstage till I'm 70! I've got something special up my sleeve."

Dita admits she thought she would be too old for the stage by now. The stunning brunette keeps changing her mind about her retirement age.

"I think it's a constant evolution, and has been since I first started performing 20 years ago," she explained.

"It's amusing that when I started, when I was 18, I was convinced that by 30, I would be finished and that no one would want to see a lady of that age stripteasing.

"It's funny, the notions we have of age when we are very young. I strongly believe that I'm at my best now, and what my show has evolved to is much more than I ever dreamed."

However, Dita is making sure she has other projects to keep her busy for when she does say goodbye to burlesque. She has a series of books, a lingerie range, a new make-up collection, a dress line and a second perfume to follow her self-named fragrance.

"In addition to the burlesque shows, I've been spending the past several years setting myself up to retire from the stage, between saving my earnings and starting new projects that don't rely on me being G-string-clad," she said.

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