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Dita Von Teese: Paps need to back off

Dita Von Teese wishes she could have days when she isn't followed by paparazzi.

The 42-year-old burlesque star has an instantly recognisable look, thanks to her jet-black hair and bright red lipstick. She doesn't leave home without her make-up in place and isn't one for casual jeans and T-shirts looks, but believes photographers are desperate to catch her looking that way.

"It doesn’t mean I like being stalked or chased during my off time, I get really annoyed by that because I like doing my grocery shopping and being able to go out and about. I don’t want to be photographed all the time, but I’m appreciative that they care," she told Prestige Hong Kong. "I know it’s all part of wanting to be recognised for what I do, so I’m glad that there’s a promotional aspect to paparazzi. But it’s just sometimes, can I just not be followed all day, chased in my car? I don’t want to be chased by five men when I’m driving by myself, it’s a very weird feeling."

Very early on Dita realised she wanted to create a character for herself, as she is a big fan of Hollywood icons like Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe. That's why she is clear about what she will and won't do in photo shoots, with the star preferring not to be made over in them. As far as she's concerned, if her idols wouldn't have posed without their make-up, there is no reason why she should either.

In fact, it's this view which got Dita into her old-school look. Growing up she didn't see many modern stars that she could relate to, which she believes is the same for many young women.

"The reason I started to do what I do is that if I look at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, I can’t relate to anything in there and I don’t think many people can," she explained. "They’re wet, there’s hardly any make-up, they’re just Amazons, racehorses. I can never relate to that.

"I’ve never been interested in natural beauty. I like looking at supermodels, but I’ve always found I have more interest in people who’ve had to work harder to attain something."

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