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Dita Von Teese reveals seduction technique

Dita Von Teese only needs to put her “energy across a room” to attract men.

The star is known for her seductive burlesque shows and immaculate appearance.

When it comes to flirting, the 40-year-old beauty is not as confident as she might seem on stage, but has her own, subtle way of charming the opposite sex.

“I’m quite shy when it comes to flirtation,” she admitted to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“I don’t make moves on men; that’s a strict rule of mine. I don’t approach and make moves. But you can like, put energy across a room. It works for me! [What if they don’t notice?] Well, I don’t wanna be with a meek man!”

When performing, Dita likes to push the boundaries by offering seductive dancing in a classy manner.

She hopes to change people’s perceptions of striptease by offering up an old-fashioned burlesque show.

“I used to love the challenge of presenting something risqué and taboo and getting people to see it in a new light. I’ve been doing my show for years now so I have my format,” she explained.

“One thing I won’t do is the PG version. Burlesque wasn’t what you saw in that movie a few years ago with singing and dancing, it was risqué. The whole idea is: can you rise to the challenge of changing people’s minds about what it is to be a striptease star?”

The dark-haired star was born Heather Renée Sweet but changed her name to fit her stripping alter-ego.

Dita explained how she had stumbled across the saucy moniker.

“I was posing for Playboy and they said, ‘You have to have a last name’ and I said, ‘Why? I want to be like Madonna, Cher...’ And they said, ‘Nope,’ so I had a couple of drinks and looked through the phonebook,” she recalled.

“I found the name Von Tries in the phonebook and thought, ‘I’m going to be Dita Von Tries.’ Then I saw the magazine and they had written Von Tees and I thought, ‘That’s not what I said!’ So I called up, but then it came out the same mistake again so I just said, ‘Oh, it’s fine.’”

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