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Dobrev talks Somerhalder kiss

Nina Dobrev recalls hatching her plan to make fun of her break-up with Ian Somerhalder.

The Vampire Diaries co-stars ended their off-screen romance last spring after dating three years.

Fans were shocked to see when the pair shared the stage last weekend to accept the Best Chemistry People’s Choice Award, which saw them joking about their break-up before Ian planted a huge kiss on Nina’s cheek.

The actress now tells E! News she was responsible for coming up with the plan, and thought the antics would prove they’ve stayed on good terms.

"It's just honest. All it was was just honest. You call a spade a spade,” she said, explaining: “I was trying to figure out, like what do you say in that situation?

“We were like, well, we're cool, we're friends and co-stars. He's a great person, I'm a great person… I mean, I think I'm pretty awesome. So it doesn't need to be awkward and I think everyone expected it to be so awkward. We made fun of ourselves and just had fun."

Nina also insisted has nothing but nice things to say about her ex.

The 25-year-old is certain she’ll always look back at their relationship fondly.

"If you're with someone for that long, there's obviously the qualities in them that you enjoy and that doesn't change just because you're not together anymore,” she said.

“I have an enormous amount of respect and love for him and everyone. That doesn't change, it shouldn't, otherwise why were you with them?"

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