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Dockery tight lipped on Downton spoilers

Michelle Dockery counts Pippa and James Middleton as famous fans, but keeps quiet when they ask her to reveal Downton Abbey spoilers.

The British star's turn as Lady Mary Crawley in the smash-hit period drama has launched her career all over the world, and away from the show she's starred in a string of Hollywood movies such as Non-Stop.

The new series is set to hit British TV screens on Sunday evening, and Michelle says even A-list fans of the show ask her to spill the beans on upcoming storylines.

"J.J. Abrams has been on set, my favourite actress Edie Falco watches it - and Matthew Perry," Michelle revealed to British magazine Now of her famous fans.

"I ran into Pippa and James Middleton and they're great fans. Like everyone, they try to get spoilers out of me."

Michelle recently spoke about how she goes incognito when visiting the US by adopting a fictional character called Britney from Beverly Hills.

While she doesn't mind interacting with fans, she often gets bored when asked about living arrangements while filming Downton.

"We sometimes get asked if we live at the castle when we're filming. We don't!" Michelle giggled.

The publication also quizzed other cast members from the Golden Globe winning show.

English actor Rob James-Collier stars as Thomas Barrow, a gay character struggling with his sexuality in a period when it was illegal to be homosexual.

"A young lad wrote to me and said that Thomas being gay helped him to come out to his parents. That was more meaningful than any award or accolade," Rob revealed.

While he's become a celebrity both sides of the pond thanks to the role, Rob refuses to sign up to any form of social media sites.

Fans get a slice of other Downton stars' personal lives via Facebook and Twitter, but the 37-year-old likes to keep his life off of the internet.

"Social media terrifies me. It's the route to madness," he smiled.

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