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Sunday 21 September 2014

Doherty: No advice for Lindsay

Shannen Doherty reckons Lindsay Lohan needs to decide if her passion is really for acting

Shannen Doherty hasn't any tips for Lindsay Lohan when it comes to staying on the straight and narrow.

"Oh I have no advice, you've just gotta grow up," the former wild child actress admitted on the red carpet in Hollywood at the premiere of her new film Burning Palms.

The original Beverly Hills 90210 star said Li-Lo needs to work out if her passion really is acting.

"To stay acting I don't think you can care about staying relevant, you've just got to keep doing the thing that you love and if you don't have the passion for what you're doing then you shouldn't be doing it," she insisted.

"If you're only seeking celebrity, fame and all the free c**p that comes with it then you're probably going to go down the wrong path, but if you're doing it for all the right reasons then you're going to be OK!"

Shannen plays a psychiatrist in her new film, which is based around Los Angeles stereotypes told through five intertwining storylines.

"I'm a very good listener, I'm also a very good talker in real life. I still like to think I know quite a few things!" the actress laughed.

"[The story] is a little twisted, it's a little bizarre, which is what I loved about the script," she explained.

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