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Domhnall Gleeson: My past job horror

Angelina Jolie has quizzed Domhnall Gleeson on his career for Interview magazine's The New Hollywood Heavies issue.

The Irish actor has impressed in big flicks such as About Time, Frank and Ex Machina and his passion for performing is in part due to his father Brendan, who has also dazzled on the silver screen. Although he’s following in his dad's footsteps now, Domhnall also tried his hand at regular jobs before finding fame.

"I'd only done two jobs before I was an actor. I worked in a petrol station and I worked in a supermarket... I was so diligent," he grinned to Angelina Jolie, who directed him in Unbroken and chatted to him for a piece published in Interview magazine’s The New Hollywood Heavies edition.

"I remember this time I was packing Tampax, and this guy who worked in the supermarket sprinted up to me, his face all red, saying, 'You don't have to touch those things. We can get one of the girls to do that.' I also remember sweeping up the floor and him panicking and rushing over to say, 'You look like you're working too hard. You're going to put people off their shopping.'"

Domhnall then fired questions back, asking the brunette beauty if she was an actress before becoming a director. Angelina explained her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, had always wanted her to be in front of the camera, but it was only five years ago when the star realised she wanted to be behind it.

"I grew up with my career being thrust upon me. It took me a long time to believe that I could do more than that one aspect of our business. Are you happiest when you're directing or acting?" she replied, to which Domhnall simply noted that he likes being surrounded by talented people.

She also managed to squeeze in a question from her husband Brad Pitt, which was why Domhnall has an 'm' in his name when it isn't used.

"I'm disappointed he didn't ask, 'When can we work together?' And maybe he can answer why there isn't an M in Brad? [Angelina laughs] Because his name would be so much more interesting if he had an M," he smiled.

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