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Dominic West reveals The Wire movie fears

Dominic West fears he may look older than some of his The Wire co-stars if there is a movie, because "black people don't age as fast".

The British actor is famed for his portrayal of police detective Jimmy McNulty in the popular HBO drama series. Dominic would love to take the successful show to the big screen, but fears age is not on his side, unlike some of his other cast mates.

"We've been trying to get them to [do a film] for years, to get David Simon - the writer - to do it. He's sort of said, well it will have to be a prequel," he told Cover Media at the John Carter UK premiere last night.

"And it's alright for all the black guys because black people don't age quite as fast as white people. I'm never going to look like I did ten years ago."

Dominic plays Sab Than, Prince of Zodanga in the Andrew Stanton-directed film John Carter. The actor has described working on the big budget science fiction action film.

"It was fascinating because I'd come from directing a BBC daytime drama in Liverpool [England] on a budget of about £30 and then I came to the set of John Carter and the scale of it and the technology and the artistry of it is just spellbinding," he gushed.

"Having all of these amazing costumes and make-up, you realise, 'Oh God, I don't have to do anything here!'"

John Carter is set on Mars. Dominic has discussed what he'd take with him if he was stranded on the planet.

"And we're not allowed people or family? Not water and stuff like that? The boring stuff... I suppose my, Oh no, I can't say that," he laughed before trailing off. "I was going to say something absolutely disgusting. I'd take beer I think."

John Carter is released in the UK on March 9.

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