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Don Cheadle 'wants continuity'

Don Cheadle believes stability is paramount.

The Academy Award-winning actor shares two teenagers with his girlfriend of over two decades actress Bridgid Coulter.

Don has filmed movies all over the world and he brought his family with him.

Now Don and his brood have settled in West Los Angeles and he is happy with the decision to establish roots in one place.

"Things have changed in my life a little bit," he told British newspaper The Independent.

"I have daughters in high school. When they were little, we just took them everywhere. When I did Hotel Rwanda, we put them in school in Africa for three months. These days, I wouldn't want to do that, even if I could.

"I want them to have continuity in their lives. That stuff's important. The most I've allow myself to be away from Los Angeles in the past few years is about three weeks."

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