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Dorff wouldn't date co-star

Stephen Dorff tries to steer clear of dating actresses, and has never fallen for a co-star.

The handsome 40-year-old admits that he's often found himself working alongside beautiful actresses, but never allows his crushes to develop into anything more. Although he played it coy when asked about his current relationship status, Stephen says he'll never break his dating rules.

"I never really hook up with actresses and I've never worked with someone and fallen in love or become a big paparazzi story. I don't see myself in the end with an actress - there's competition and weird sh*t that goes on," Stephen confessed to British newspaper Metro. "I've had crushes on actresses I've worked with but have left it at that. But you never know. I could end up marrying some actress and then I'll look like an idiot."

After first finding fame in the 1980s, Stephen's career has seen a recent resurgence. He's currently gracing British cinema screens in The Motel Life, where he stars alongside Emile Hirsch. The pair play brothers who have to flee following a fatal hit-and-run accident. Stephen had no hesitation when snapping up the part of Jerry Lee.

"The complexity and simplicity of this story about two brothers, two diamonds in the rough, getting through not the greatest life with their creativity, talents and dreaming," he mused.

"It was a really soulful screenplay and you don't get sent those all the time. This has a solid, Midnight Cowboy kind of feeling I really responded to."

Working with Emile was also one of the factors that drew Stephen to the project, and the pair ended up sharing a close bond.

"I'd watched Emile in this movie The Girl Next Door. He reminded me of me when I was his age. Emile's grown up in the movies too. It was an instinctive thing [saying they should play brothers in a film].

"I love him. We definitely became really tight. I just called him. We've been getting these insane film reviews from the UK. Empire gave us five stars!" he gushed.

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