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Dormer reveals her selfie rules

Natalie Dormer worries she sounds obnoxious when she discusses her selfie fan rule.

Having parts in hot TV show Game of Thrones and massive movie franchise The Hunger Games is great professionally for the star, but has meant some changes personally too. She doesn’t mind being recognised more as she realises it means her career is going well, but there are some areas of interaction where Natalie does draw the line.

“I have a rule that I don’t take selfies with fans… I sound really obnoxious here talking about ‘when I take selfies with fans’. I won’t take pictures with fans in the direct area where I live because that’s my home,” she told Stylist magazine. “That’s not ‘Natalie the Professional’, that’s just Nat going to Waitrose [UK food store]. But if you’re out and about on a red carpet or walking down the streets of Soho of course.”

Natalie also dislikes it when people try to take stealth shots of her. She would much rather they just approach her and ask to pose, meaning she has been known to go up to them and tell them off for being so sneaky.

Series five of Game of Thrones has just started, with Natalie reprising her role as Margaery Tyrell. The character is known for being beautiful and cunning, but the actress fiercely objects to her being called power hungry.

“That’s a massive over simplification. She’s not a single operative, she’s not Lady Macbeth. She’s not power-hungry; she is the ambassador for her family and because of the medieval setting where marriage is the way to play power politics, she is just trying to control the sway of the politics of the country,” she insisted.

Equality is a topic the star feels strongly about as a whole. She worries that women still have a long way to go before they are viewed the same as men, and that’s why conversations about the intricacies of feminism irritate her. Natalie wants women to view the wider picture, rather than getting hung up on semantics.

“Equality is about men and women being equal not girl power. We should all just stop wasting time arguing about definitions of feminism and equality and just concentrate on getting it done,” she said.

“In the wider world, 39,000 women a day get forced into child marriage. As emancipated, 21st century women who are living in a cosmopolitan city, why are we reducing ourselves and putting our energy into the wrong thing?"

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