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Douglas and De Niro: Growing old sucks

Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro have shared their thoughts on aging.

The Hollywood legends star in Last Vegas together, a film about an elderly group of friends who throw a bachelor party in Sin City for their last remaining single friend.

When asked what the best thing about growing old is, Michael, 69, gave a direct response.

"Nothing," he told British newspaper The Independent in a joint interview with Robert.

"It's very depressing, so you can make a comedy about it, and get it all out. But it's very hard to find anything positive about getting old. Nothing, really.”

Although Robert, 70, largely agrees with his co-star, he does believe there are clear societal benefits to being old.

It seems to him, however, that young people do not like to acknowledge the elderly.

"It's interesting when you walk down the street and you see younger people and they ignore you – their peripheral vision sees that you're one or two generations older than they are, so they're not interested,” Robert noted.

“Otherwise, the grey hair… you become a part of another class of person.”

Michael eventually admits there are good things about being an old man.

The first thing he notes is the ability to celebrate the golden years without having much of an identity crisis.

"I don't see any advantages other than you're more comfortable with yourself; you don't have to prove anything; you accept who you are,” Michael said.

“Even as we're all around 70, I think we're going to see longer and longer life-spans – and, with the digital age, he'll look like Raging Bull still! Inside, you feel like the child within you. I don't think there's a lot that changes, although the exterior changes a lot. That expression, youth is wasted on the young, is very true."

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