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Douglas Booth: I'm not pretty

Douglas Booth doesn't understand why people think he is 'pretty'.

The 21-year-old actor is admired for his chiselled features and considered a heartthrob in the movie industry. However, Douglas isn't keen on the attention surrounding his looks. It also means he has to be careful about what film roles he takes on.

"It is irritating. But people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt all had to go through that too. Not that I am comparing myself to them," he laughed to British newspaper Metro, when asked if being called 'pretty' is annoying.

"There are times when I turned down big franchises and did something that I find more interesting. You have to turn down a lot of stuff and be really patient. Luckily I am only 21 and I haven't got a mortgage or anything. It's about picking the right stuff and working with good film-makers."

Douglas' latest role is opposite Russell Crowe in biblical movie Noah. The young Brit enjoyed bonding with the actor and spending time with him away from set.

"He is [very blokey to hang out with]!" Douglas smiled. "The other day we landed in Dublin [Ireland] to do Noah promotion and Russell came over and said, 'Douglas, we are going to the pub.' I thought, 'Er, isn't there a premiere in 30 minutes?'"

Douglas' role in the feature sees him get intimate with co-star Emma Watson as they lock lips. The pair both starred in a campaign for fashion house Burberry in 2009, which helped make the scenes in the movie more comfortable.

"[It was] not at all [awkward]. I was 16 when I did the Burberry campaign and we know and care about each other, so that makes it better, when you can trust someone," Douglas added.

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