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Douglas Booth's steamy showers

Douglas Booth likes to think about life while in the shower.

The 22-year-old actor spends a lot of time travelling to promote his movies. But when he gets chance to unwind, he likes nothing better than relaxing in the bathroom.

"I'm one of these people who take really long showers. Thirty minutes is a good shower for me," he told the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. "In California there's a massive drought so you have to make sure you don't do that."

Douglas was appearing on the show with his The Riot Club co-star Sam Claflin, who couldn't believe how long his friend spent in the shower. The show's host Nick Grimshaw joined the 28-year-old in poking fun at the Noah star and blaming him for the drought.

"I got home and read that the drought had ceased I was like, 'Oh,'" Douglas said, going along with the joke before adding with a laugh. "I do a lot of my thinking in the shower, about life; about you, Nick!"

The men were both in good spirits after screening their film in London the night before. In The Riot Club, they star as members of an elite society at prestigious Oxford University in England.

Sam admitted his character Alistair Ryle is pretty horrendous, and it took a lot for him to understand the world he comes from.

"What's great is that I feel my actual personality is becoming a facade and the real me is in the film," he joked. "For me it was such a stretch, as I'm so not from that upbringing. It was an eye-opening experience and I had to learn as much as I could about that world and the elite. It proved very difficult at times, I'm not going to lie."

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