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Douglas dad traded him for Clooney

Michael Douglas has revealed his father Kirk Douglas got George Clooney to write the introduction for his new book, and his son to do the audio version.

The actor’s famous film star dad Kirk Douglas traded his son in for the heartthrob when it came to writing part of his new book.

The 96-year-old planned to use his offspring as a second resort if he couldn’t get an alternative big name for I Am Spartacus!: Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist.

"I read it in galleys,” Michael explained. “Dad said, 'Would you do me a favour and write the introduction?' I said, 'Of course, dad, I'd love to do that.' The next day. I get a text from him, 'Don't worry, I got George Clooney. But would you mind doing the audio?' "

Michael revealed that his pensioner parent doesn’t actually use the technologies of mobile phones himself.

He has a person who helps him out with sending a brief SMS occasionally.

"He dictates them to whomever,” he admitted. “He's a tremendous letter writer. He's doing a book on his letters. He's got a tremendous collection."

Behind the Candelabra star Michael revealed that his father’s literature explores his younger years in the movie industry while promoting his film at the Cannes International Film Festival.

The Spartacus star was a big screen personality before moving behind the lens.

"It's a great book. It's all about him producing," he added.

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