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Douglas' 'important' red carpet call

Michael Douglas apparently spent the evening talking about his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones earlier this week, telling pals the marriage is back on track.

In August the stars, who have been married for 13 years, confirmed they were on a trial separation. Michael has always been adamant that they could save their relationship and last month revealed they are getting back on track. While attending the New York premiere for his latest movie Last Vegas this week, Michael showed off his wedding ring and apparently took a quick time out after Catherine phoned him.

"He said he had a very important call. She called to wish him good luck and he said, 'Thanks honey,'" a source told New York Daily News' Confidenti@l. "The only reason she wasn't by his side is because she didn't want to take attention away from the film. It was Michael's night. She wanted to say hello and didn't realise he was on the carpet already."

At the after-party later that night, Michael was overheard talking about reuniting with Catherine. It seems the 69-year-old star spent most of the evening discussing his stunning wife.

"He was sitting in the corner with friends and people kept asking what's going on with Catherine," a source added. "Michael said, 'We are doing great, she's better than ever,' and said their kids are doing great."

The stars are both believed to be living in their Central Park West apartment in New York City, after spending much of the summer apart. It seems a series of honest discussions about their relationship has helped them realise they want to make it work.

"They know they have some problems, but are speaking every day and are scheduling future projects with each other in mind. Both of them are wearing their rings; what more is there to say?" revealed an insider. "Time apart has been positive. They don't want to throw away all those years and a family so easily."

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