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Douglas: Love needs to be nurtured

Michael Douglas now understands that love needs to be "nurtured".

The 69-year-old actor has been married to Catherine Zeta-Jones, 44, since 2000, but last year they admitted to struggling with relationship problems. They are now thought to have reconciled and the star says he's a lot more clued-up about love these days.

"I now feel love in my mind," he opened up to German channel Tele 5.

"I've now learnt you can't take love for granted. You need to nurture and care for it. When you're younger you take a lot of things - including love - for granted."

Michael and Catherine have children Dylan and Carys together and he also has son Cameron from a previous marriage to Diandra Luker.

Despite his ups and downs, the actor now feels comfortable in himself.

"You don't have to prove anything anymore," he mused about getting older. "You feel happy in your own skin..."

He's in a good place mentally, but Michael also takes care of himself physically. The veteran star shared how he keeps in shape.

"I do half an hour of cardio and half an hour of stretches," he explained. "Then an hour of abs and weights. I do all that four times a week."

However, he also knows when to indulge and says he'll allow himself a vodka or martini every now and again.

Michael continues to work hard and his upcoming features include thriller The Reach and sci-fi movie Ant-Man. He joked the perks of showbiz keep him going.

"I get a table in a good restaurant without having to bother with the waiting list. Why would I give that up?" he grinned.

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