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Downey Jr.'s son 'arrested for drug possession'

Robert Downey Jr.'s son Indio is said to have been arrested for having cocaine on his person.

Indio Falconer Downey, 20, is said to have been a passenger in a car which was pulled over by police in West Hollywood on Sunday afternoon, TMZ reports. It was around 2pm when an LA County Sheriff reportedly spotted him smoking something out of a pipe before making the driver stop and finding the drug in Indio's possession.

The son of the Hollywood star was then allegedly arrested and taken to jail, where he reportedly paid $10,000 for bail and left the confinement just after midnight this morning.

It was only last October Indio was treated for his use of prescription pills. However, his mother Deborah Falconer, who married to Robert in 1992 and left him in 2001, insisted her son wasn't taking too many.

“He was not addicted,” she told National Enquirer at the time. “He was taking one pill a day...

“We are hoping to do it the homeopathic way rather than with medications. He’s being treated with vitamin supplements and organic foods. He’s doing great. He’ll be back playing music and doing better soon.”

Indio's alleged troubles with drugs follows in the footsteps of those of his father's. Robert's problems famously saw him being locked up in California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran, California, for nearly a year in 1999. This stemmed from a long line of run-ins with substances, such as being arrested for possession of heroin, cocaine and an unloaded handgun while speeding in his car and missing various drug tests.

The 49-year-old star has been open about his past, and has spoken about how his father allowed him to have marijuana at just six years old.

"It was like him trying to express his love for me in the only way he knew how," Robert previously said.

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