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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Dr Conrad Murray denied bail

Conrad Murray

Dr Conrad Murray will sit in jail until his appeal verdict has been decided.

The 58-year-old physician was sentenced to four years behind bars for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, who died two years ago from acute Propofol intoxication.

Murray appealed his conviction in December on the grounds that he received an unfair trial. He has been requesting that the court release him on bail while he awaits the decision on his case from the court of appeals.

TMZ reports that Murray's petition has been denied by Judge Michael Pastor.

Judge Pastor believes that Murray is a danger to society, as he feels the doctor's medical discretion is compromised. The justice said that "it scares [him]" to know that Murray found it acceptable to administer a sedative like Propofol in a home environment.

Judge Pastor is also convinced that Murray remains a flight risk, as the physician has no significant property or familial ties in the Los Angeles area.

Murray's girlfriend Nicole Alvarez, who has a two-year-old son with him, requested that the court release him earlier this week citing that he is a "good father".

Murray's appellate attorney Valerie Wass thinks her client is a "scapegoat". She claims that Murray is being blamed unreasonably for Jackson's death because there is no one else to target.

The doctor and his legal team say that it was a mistake for the court to exclude evidence of Jackson's financial worries from being heard during the trial. Defence contends that stress from the singer's monetary woes drove Jackson to self-administer the lethal dose of Propofol.

Murray remains in jail currently and is reportedly living in solitary confinement under maximum security conditions.

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