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Drake sleeping in studio

Drake has ensured he invests every second possible on his new album by living in the recording studio.

The rapper is gearing up to release his third studio album Nothing Was the Same, which is due out at the end of September.

He has been working flat out to finish the LP, and has even started sleeping in the recording studio to maximise the time he has left to work on it.

"We have just ten days before we turn it in," Drake revealed to "I'm literally sleeping in the studio on an air mattress. We're working 24 hour days to make sure the story is done, front to back. It has to be a new point of discovery."

Drake explained how the new album differs from his last. In 2011 he released Take Care, which contained tracks about the stresses of fame. The follow-up is about learning to love the limelight.

"With Take Care, everything had changed so much. I was almost lost mentally, looking for something that wasn't there," Drake continued. "With my new album, it's the most concise picture of the moment I'm in right now. I had a choice whether to hold on to whatever the past was or to fight and fully embrace this incredible time in my life."

Drake enlisted some of hip-hop's biggest names to help him on the new record, with the likes of Jay Z, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz collaborating. The star believes the proof his new album is something special can really be heard in standout track Paris Morton Music II.

"That track excites me from a rap standpoint, just getting off bars and different flows," he said excitedly. "I played it for J. Cole, on some rap buddy-buddy sh*t, and he was like, 'Damn!'"

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