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Drew Barrymore: Diaz keeps me in line

Cameron Diaz scolds Drew Barrymore for leaving lights on.

The two actresses are good friends and appeared in the Charlie's Angles movies together. Cameron is a keen environmentalist and often takes her pal to task about her wasteful ways.

"No, she just tells me off about the amount of lights we have on in the house!" Drew laughed.

Drew has been in the industry for a long time so she has a lot of showbiz friends. She socialises with people who aren't involved in film-making too though as it helps keep her feet on the ground.

The star isn't sure how well she would cope with starting a Hollywood career now as there is so much pressure on young actresses.

"Social media changed everything. It's a very fast, consuming world out there. I know that I want nothing to do with it. No [I don't Facebook or tweet]. I do for work, but not for personal stuff," she explained to Look magazine.

"If I could criticise one thing that was tough when I was growing up, it would be the amount of worry I felt inside."

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