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Drew Barrymore discusses frozen film face

Drew Barrymore looks like she's had "20 years of Botox" in her new movie.

The actress is currently promoting the environmental drama Big Miracle. The film follows the story of a family of whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle and the small Alaskan community who fight to save them.

Drew found the sub-zero temperatures a real challenge. One scene required the star to plunge herself into freezing cold Alaskan waters and Drew admits the chill took a toll on her performance.

"It was cold, I am not going to lie. But it was fun - the scene after I get out of the water, I didn't really explain it to anyone but I look like I have had about 20 years of Botox because my face is so frozen," Drew laughed during an interview with UK TV show Daybreak. "I can't move my face. Every time I watch that scene I am like, 'Oh my God.'"

Drew's co-star John Krasinski noticed something wasn't quite right when they were filming the scene.

"There was just drool coming out of your mouth," he quipped.

"My face is so frozen I can barely get my lines out! It is so weird, I was trying to explain that I couldn't move my face," Drew added.

The Office star John is married to British actress Emily Blunt and he went on to discuss how she has changed him. He has become a fan of UK television shows and is currently enjoying one award-winning period drama in particular.

"Plenty of British things, I am watching Downton Abbey right now. It is more of a cultural study than a television show - because that is exactly how the Brits are in real life right?" John kidded. "I think I was always secretly an Anglophile and now that I am married to a Brit, it is coming out more and more."

Drew also spoke out about her personal life. She recently got engaged to Will Kopelman and she is still overwhelmed by her impressive diamond ring.

"I am very lucky, but it is so much more than the ring. This ring is very fancy, I am like, 'Oh my goodness!'" Drew gushed.

"We will never lose you, that's for sure," John laughed.

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