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Drew Barrymore: Fight for your dreams

Drew Barrymore says it's vital to chase dreams because things never just "drop into your lap".

The American star has been acting since she was a child but still has many things she wants to achieve. She has also directed a movie and is a keen photographer and has advised people to pursue the things they are really interested in.

"I can be very fiery, I am passionate and chaotic," she told the German edition of OK! magazine.

"I am a girl who chases everything she really wants. Life is too short to miss out on something. Things don't drop in your lap."

Drew is engaged to Will Kopelman who she has been with for around a year. She's been married twice before and is still trying to work out how to balance her career and personal life.

"I can't tell yet," she replied, when asked if Will is more important than her job. "I just try to find the right balance. Of course that's a challenge - but many people face that challenge."

The 36-year-old is blissfully happy at the moment. She was known as a party girl when she was growing up and spent time in rehab, but is content to have calmed down as she's got older.

"Why should I?" she responded, after being quizzed on whether she still likes going from party to party. "The classic disco and clubbing era is over I'm happy for people to dance. But people today would rather be surfing on Facebook that going out clubbing."

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