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Drew jokes about baby name

Drew Barrymore has lifted the lid on how she chose her daughter’s name.

The actress and her husband Will Kopelman are besotted with their daughter Olive, who turned one at the end of last month. Drew has shared how they came up with the tot’s name, which has a double meaning for them.

“My husband and I were reading a baby book and it would say, your baby is the size of a poppy seed, or at one point it becomes like an avocado but at this point it said your baby is a size of an olive,” she laughed to talk show host Jay Leno. “And olive as an anagram it has ‘I love’.”

The 38-year-old star always knew she wanted to become a mother and parenting has lived up to her expectations.

Drew plans to expand her family in the future and has joked she bases her homelife on The Griswolds, the close-knit family which featured in the National Lampoon series of comedy films.

“Very much. Right away! Yes,” she instantly replied, when asked if she wants more kids.

“I grew up as an only child and although that really works for some people, for some parents that’s the way they want to do it and for some kids it gives them a great sense of independence, it certainly did me, but no I want to be the Griswolds. I want the kids in the back rolling their eyes at mom and dad, I want Rusty and Audrey theme parks and the whole nine.”

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