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Driver: Award would be validating

Minnie Driver is flattered by early Emmy buzz for her performance in Return to Zero.

The actress’ performance as a mother who has a stillborn child in television movie Return to Zero is already receiving early Emmy buzz. For the 44-year-old, who is a mother herself, an award would be an acknowledgment of a real labour of love.

“That would be so amazing. That would just make my everything,” she told “To do something, for nothing, with all your heart and soul with everyone else doing it for nothing with all their heart and soul, to have that recognised, to me that is utterly triumphant, as an artist.”

It wouldnt’ be the first time that Minnie received a nomination. During her career she has received an Academy Award nomination for Good Will Hunting and Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominations for her role in television series The Riches.

“Listen, it's not a life or death situation, but it's certainly an acknowledgement of the work you do,” she continued. “It's not the most important thing, but gosh - it sure is nice. It sure is validating.”

Minnie has worked with some amazing actors during her career. And seeing firsthand how some co-stars have worked has made her wish their performances had been acknowledged as well.

“I did a movie with Phillip Seymour Hoffman that like five people saw, and he should've been nominated for an Oscar, in my opinion,” she said. “I would go back and make that tomorrow knowing only five people would see it. You're always going to do it, so then if it gets discovered by an audience or awards wise then it's just amazing gravy.”

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