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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Duchess gives love advice

Duchess of Cambridge

Britain's the Duchess of Cambridge is said to have helped Prince Harry's relationship.

The 32-year-old beauty is married to Prince William and the couple have son Prince George together.

She and her brother-in-law Harry are said to have grown close since she joined the royal family. As he deals with attention surrounding his love life with dancer Cressida Bonas, the duchess - known as Kate Middleton prior to her nuptials - is thought to have reached out to him amid break up claims.

"Kate knows all too well how damaging false reports can be. So she urged them to show the world they were still going strong before the story snowballed," a source told British magazine Look.

Harry recently left his position as a combat Apache pilot for a London-based job. The 29-year-old prince now organises ceremonial events and supports wounded servicemen.

One reason why is he thought to have left the fast-paced position behind is because of the words his sister-in-law shared.

"Harry would have never have come back to London if it wasn't for Kate. He always said absence makes the heart grow fonder, but as time when on he realised that wasn't true," the source added. "He wants to be closer to Cressy and give this relationship a shot."

Earlier this month there was tragic news that Cressida's former stepfather Christopher Shaw had died after committing suicide. Harry is believed to have been quick to offer a shoulder to cry on for his girlfriend.

"It was a huge shock to Cressy and her family, and she was extremely thankful Harry was able to support her," the source said.

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