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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Duchess of Cambridge granted injunction

Duchess and Duke of Cambridge

Britain's Duchess of Cambridge has been granted an injunction to prevent further publication of topless photos of her.

Last week, French magazine Closer printed images of Catherine enjoying a holiday in Provence with her husband Prince William. Long-lens shots were taken of the couple beside a private swimming pool, and the pictures were published much to the anger and disappointment of the palace.

A French court has granted an injunction preventing further publication of the images in the country after William and Catherine lodged a complaint.

It has been ruled that they must not be included in any media, whether print or online. The fine for breaching the ruling is 10,000 euros a day.

The court also ordered that all copies of the images must be given to William and Catherine, who have also been awarded 2,000 euros towards their legal fees.

So far there is no news on whether the royal couple will be lodging a criminal complaint.

The royal's lawyer Aurelien Hamelle explained in court yesterday that Catherine is a "young woman, and not an object" and the photos that were taken and published were from a "highly intimate moment".

The palace expressed their sadness in an official statement at the end of last week.

"Their sadness has turned to anger and disbelief as we learn more about the photographs," Miguel Head, the royal couple's press secretary, said in a statement.

"We believe a real line has been crossed and we are consulting with French lawyers about what, if any, legal action will be taken.

"The incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of [William's mother] Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to the duke and duchess for being so. Their Royal Highnesses had every expectation of privacy in the remote house.

"It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them."

The images have also been printed by a newspaper in Ireland and an Italian magazine.

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