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Duchess of Cambridge is ‘incredibly keen learner’

Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton researches charities with “diligence” before visiting them on solo tours and she has mastered the “art of the 30-second conversation”.

Catherine Middleton and her husband Prince William are expecting their first child together in July.

Although pregnant, the Duchess has been incredibly active the past couple of weeks. Within eight days she visited five events across the United Kingdom.

Apparently Catherine takes pride in her solo engagements.

“She is an incredibly keen learner,” an insider told British newspaper The Telegraph. “We have seen that in the diligence with which she has researched the causes she wants to support, and the preparation she does before each visit. The rest is down to how she is with people; she is very confident and she enjoys listening. She has also been able to watch the Queen at close quarters and learn from her the art of the 30-second conversation.”

It is said Catherine took no time to figure out how to conduct herself as a royal during public events.

She was able to adapt to her new role as a British Royal very quickly.

“You don’t know how well someone is going to cope until they start doing it,” a palace aide revealed to the publication.

“She has proved to be a natural.”

It is rumoured Catherine has been “a lioness” in regards to how she will rear her child.

She will move in with her mother Carole Middleton when the baby arrives instead of spending the tot’s early years in Kensington Palace as part of royal tradition.

Although Catherine is happy to embrace her role as future queen and play by the rules, she is adamant that motherhood will be something she is in complete control of.

“There would’ve been long meetings at the palace about it, but Kate’s standing her ground,” a source told British magazine Look recently. “Kate’s a normal girl at heart, and this is her first baby. Like every girl, she’s obviously nervous about becoming a mother and wants her own mum on hand. Princess Diana stayed at Kensington Palace and later admitted to being lonely there. Kate won’t want that, but there’s more involved – when it comes to her child, Kate’s a lioness. She’s putting her foot down so everyone knows she won’t have parenting choices dictated to her. I think they would’ve been leaning on her heavily, saying that isn’t the ‘done thing’ to keep the heir away from the palace.”

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