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Friday 18 April 2014

Duhamel to take 365 days worth of baby pics

Josh Duhamel

Safe Haven actor Josh Duhamel, who is expecting his first child with wife Fergie, shared that he will attempt to take one picture of his baby per day during the first year of the tot’s life.

The Safe Haven actor and his wife Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie announced last week that they are expecting their first child together.

Josh is elated by the new arrival and is preparing to capture as many special moments as possible when the baby is born.

“Yes, I will take a lot of pictures,” he revealed to Cover Media.

“In fact somebody told me [something] that I thought was a really good idea. You take a picture when you first have your baby, from day one, you take a picture everyday for the first 356 days. But it's amazing I guess especially that first year to see, I mean it's just one year, but to see from day one to day 356 I guess it's incredible. I'm gonna try to do that. I'm gonna try to take a picture every day for the first year in the same spot.”

Although Josh will have built up an impressive family photo album by the time the year is through, he is unsure as to whether he will share images with the public.

“I think I wanna try to keep as much of it to myself as possible,” he explained.

“But I do wanna get the kid into show business as fast as possible.”

Josh is simultaneously excited and scared about fatherhood.

The star admits that the prospect of caring for a child is daunting at times.

“I'm trying to be ready but I don't think you really know,” he said.

“You always have this idea 'I wanna have a kid, I wanna have a kid.' But then you see that thing for the first time in the ultrasound and it really blows you and you think 'Holy shit that's mine!' And it's moving around. So I think the reality of it will set in just before we have it and then it's just gonna be learn as I go. I'm gonna try to be as prepared as I can but I don't think you can really be prepared until you actually have it there.”

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