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Duke and Duchess to be ‘more normal parents’

Former Kensington Palace chef believes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be “more normal” royal parents.

Prince William and his wife Catherine Middleton are expecting their first child together.

The tot is due any day now and the whole world is anticipating the birth.

Former Kensington Palace chef Darren McGrady is convinced the couple will adopt a more modern approach to parenting that veers away from royal tradition.

"[Catherine has asked to] get much, much more time with the baby, and to a degree she will,” Darren explained to Us Weekly.

“They're evolving and becoming more and more normal as the years go on.

"While [Prince William’s dad] Prince Charles would have never ever changed a nappy or anything, I can see Prince William doing that."

Darren explains Prince William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II practiced strict royal rules around parenting when Prince Charles was a boy.

"The Queen would hardly ever see Prince Charles, he'd always be in the nursery," the chef explained. "Even now, the royal children are not allowed to sit at the Queen's table until they can hold their knife and fork properly and know which order to eat and how to conduct themselves properly."

Duchess Catherine has reportedly requested she be surrounded by her own parents as much as possible after the baby is born.

The down-to-earth royal wants to get her hands dirty for a little while before returning to her official duties.

"Kate, I understand, can cook, so I think she will do some cooking, but of course once the baby comes along, [she and William will] be expected to start taking on royal engagements again, so any sort of free time they get they'll want to be spending having quality time with the baby -- and not peeling apples and making purees," Darren said.

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