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Dunham: I care about politics deeply

Lena Dunham hopes her HBO show Girls helps promote the cause of women’s rights.

The 28-year-old Girls star participated in MTV’s #TurnOutForWhat Rock the Vote campaign last year with Lil Jon, Fred Armisen and Whoopi Goldberg among others, which urged young Americans to cast their ballot at the polls.

And while speaking at PaleyFest on a panel Sunday, Lena noted it’s important for her to promote awareness on important social issues.

“The p**sed-off people are the loudest,” she noted to the audience, according to Deadline. “I do care deeply about politics and things that are happening the United States right now, particularly in regards to women and reproductive rights.

“If our show can in any way contribute to that, that’s an amazing thing.”

Lena confesses she has altered her views on a number of issues over the years.

But the star doesn’t think embracing new perspectives is a bad thing.

“Changing your mind is a very healthy part of human development,” she smiled.

Girls has been criticised in the past for its sex scenes.

However, Lena asserted they’re only part of the programme to advance plotlines.

"We really do try to show -- and people may laugh at this -- but we do sex scenes that we think really do push the characters and the plot forward, and that doesn’t feel gratuitous," she said.

Lena will be making an appearance on the March 19 episode of Kerry Washington’s hit show Scandal, which was created by Shonda Rhimes.

And she’s absolutely honoured to be guest starring on the programme.

"I'm such a huge fan," Lena gushed to Access Hollywood. "Obviously I need to stay in the good graces of Shonda Rhimes forever, so I can't share any spoilers."

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