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Dunham: Merchandising makes me uncomfortable

Lena Dunham likes it when fans make their own Girls products but she has no plans to make anything official.

The Girls creator-and-star isn’t afraid to speak her mind. And despite the fact an unauthorised a tour around New York City based on the locations from the hit HBO series is now running, the 28-year-old isn’t planning on creating a brand.

“You know there is a Girls tour, I mean I don’t have a problem with it, I’m not mad at it but no, it would be hard for me, I’m like really uncomfortable [with] merchandising opportunities,” she told MTV news. “I don’t want a [Hannah doll].”

Girls focuses on the lives of a group of twenty-somethings living in the Big Apple including Lena’s character, Hannah. And during the filming of her new movie Sky, the funny woman had to explain to a co-star why the show didn’t quite fit the requirements for certain branded products.

“It’s kinda funny, recently, Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, we were working on a movie together and The Walking Dead is like the most famous TV show in the world and people are insane about it, and he was like, ‘do you guys have a lot of merchandise? Do you have like, action figures?’” she recalled. “I was like, ‘no, we don’t have action figures! You have an action figure because you’re a zombie slayer! I don’t have an action figure, I’m just a fat girl with a TV show!’”

While Lena isn’t interested in creating anything herself off the back of the show, she doesn’t mind other people coming up with ideas.

“We have not had offers but what I love is when fans do stuff. If you go on Etsy search Girls there’s really fun pillows and earrings and paper dolls and fans taking it and making it their own, nothing makes me happier,” she smiled. “We had a line of nail polishes once and that was about as far as we were willing to go.”

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