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Dustin Hoffman: I danced with unattractive girls

Dustin Hoffman used to ask the least attractive girls to dance at school.

The 75-year-old has won fans around the world thanks to roles in iconic films such as The Graduate and Rain Man.

Despite having the pick of the ladies at the peak of his career, the actor has always made sure he acts like a gentleman.

"Actually, I can remember in junior high we had dance class, and the guys picked the girls and the girls picked the guys. I would ask the least attractive girl to dance. It made me feel good," he smiled to Fox News.

"Was I a Romeo at school? [Laughs] Is that a statement or question? I took acting classes in college, and attractive girls asked me to do scenes with them. That was a first."

In the 1982 movie Tootsie, Dustin plays an actor who dresses as a woman to score a female lead in a soap opera.

The star says it gave him an insight into the pressure women feel to look a certain way.

"I have movies that I think altered me and that's always what you want. You want to try and learn something you didn't know before, and I guess I would say Tootsie [is one]," he recalled.

"The crew started bringing people to the set, and I could really get away with being a woman. They would look at me for like two seconds and then look away and say, 'Where's Jessica Lange?' And I realised how brutal men are when a woman does not fit the trophy model, and it had a very strong effect on me. Men lose any subtleness, they erase you with such abruptness, and I had not experienced that before. They're ruthless."

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