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Friday 18 April 2014

Dutch dancers want British support

Britain's Got Talent dancers Martin and Marielle hope to win the public over

Britain's Got Talent hopefuls Martin van Bentem and Marielle Constancia have begged the show's viewers to give them a chance despite being Dutch.

The pair sparked an uproar after their dance routine was included in the show, with some viewers saying it contradicted the title of the show, but they have told The Sun they hope the British public will grow to like them.

Dancers Martin and Marielle, from the Netherlands, said: "We hope that the British public will embrace us and not focus on where we come from."

They got great comments from all four judges after their audition as well as a standing ovation, and were sent straight through to the next round.

But some viewers protested that letting through non-British acts defeated the object of the show.

One BGT fan tweeted: "They're good... but why do they let foreign acts on Britain's Got Talent?"

Another tweeter wrote: "All of the best acts on Britain's Got Talent are foreign, so basically Britain doesn't have talent."

Anyone with the right to live and work in the UK, which includes EU citizens, can take part in the show and last year German singer Dennis Egel got to the semi-finals.

An ITV spokesperson said: "We want to showcase the best variety talent that will entertain our audiences and it's a testament to the success of the series that, following the global success of the likes of Susan Boyle, people from all over Europe want to appear on our show."

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