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Duvall: I might’ve done a dumb thing

Robert Duvall initially thought the role offered to him in The Judge was “old hat”.

The 84-year-old veteran actor has had a long and celebrated career in the movie business, but he almost rejected one of his latest films before he accepted it. And he admits he’s glad he didn’t.

“Initially, I might have done a dumb thing. I turned it down at first,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “With all of the negative aspects of an incontinent man who can't control his bowels, who has these hallucinations, who has cancer -- I've read that in other scripts. And it's like old hat.”

It’s no surprise that Robert questions everything put in front of him, seeing as he’d likely receive more offers than he has time to read. But he says he’s thankful he took a second look at the role of Joseph Palmer in the 2014 American drama.

“When I looked at [the script] again, I knew it was going to be difficult to do. It was a very fresh, literary point of view. A very good, smart writer wrote the script,” he went on. “And with those people in the cast, I said: ‘If I do this, I really have to jump in and do it.’”

Acting has been Robert’s job for over six decades, but he certainly doesn’t take it for granted. In fact, the esteemed screen star takes pride in approaching his craft with serious preparation.

“The whole thing,” he said, when asked what the biggest challenge was about filming. “A day-by-day work ethic. To be prepared each day. When you go in front of the camera, you don't know what's really going to happen. That's the way, I think, to approach any given scene on any given day's work: To try to keep it [like] the first time it's ever been done each time.”

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