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Eastwood: Bartending's babysitting

Scott Eastwood says his dad Clint never goes “easy” on him.

The Texas Chainsaw 3D actor is the son of superstar Clint and is following in his father’s footsteps by making waves in Hollywood. While waiting for his big break Scott served drinks around Los Angeles and San Diego - and the experience proved a challenge.

"You do have to have a little bit of an attitude as a bartender," he told People. "You also have to be very quick on your feet. But the important thing is not to take sh*t from anybody. In that respect, you are kind of a glorified babysitter."

Although Scott has had small roles in his father’s films, he insists he has worked hard to establish himself as the industry. In fact, the hunk claims having a famous dad didn’t always work to his advantage.

“He doesn't go easy on me," Scott smiled. "He was much harder on me than he was on anyone else, I will tell you that."

The 27-year-old also revealed that he and his father share a similar passion for sport, as well as making movies. Both men are keen golfers, with Scott finding it relaxing to play 18 holes in his spare time.

"You can thank my dad for that. He has his own golf course and forced me to play. He told me when I was young that it was one of the few lifelong sports,” he recalled. "Golf is one of the few things where you are just allowed to leave your life behind for four hours and all that matters is... being out in nature and talking sh*t with your buddies."

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