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Ed Sheeran tours with ‘tub of pork belly’

Ed Sheeran is so proud of his MTV Musical March Madness trophy he is aiming to place the accolade near the barbecue ingredients on a bus that is part of his tour entourage with Taylor Swift.

The British singer-and-songwriter beat out Jared Leto’s band Thirty Seconds to Mars in the annual competition.

Ed is currently the opening act on country songstress Taylor Swift’s Red concert tour.

The musician knows exactly where to place the accolade while he travels.

"This is going to come out on the road... I'll put it on the bus," he told MTV.

"Our bus driver cooks barbecue, and we have a tub of pork belly, but we've left it a bit too long, so the fat's turned white and it's a bit disgusting, so I'll stick this by it."

The golden trophy features a figure with a muscular physique resembling a gladiator.

Ed recalls his body was once in a similar condition.

"This is what I used to look like before I discovered burgers," he joked. "It's the biggest award I've ever got!"

Grammy-nominated Ed is really appreciative of winning the title.

He thanks his fans for all their support.

"Even though they've given the award to me, I didn't do all the voting, so thank you for voting and taking up so much of your time; I know it was quite intense, but this is all worth it," he said. "But I'm disappointed you kept his underwear on, he doesn't look like he's packing anything."

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